Aug 16, 2009

A Puzzling Occurence

Something odd happened last night. It might have been nothing, but it seemed unusual enough that it very well could have be something. Not sure what exactly, but something.

Last night, 8/15/09 at around 11pm or so, I heard some very unusual noises coming from the southeast. They were loud, but distant. At first I thought it was thunder, but then it sounded more like fireworks, then it sounded more like gunshots, but it really didn't sound quite like any of those things at all. Sort of hard to describe, I guess. Unfamiliar.

I figured it was nothing until I talked to a good friend of mine on the phone later that night. She mentioned hearing the sounds before I did. She heard them at the same time, from the same direction, and she described them in pretty much the exact same way. Thing is, she lives roughly 15 hours away in Kansas City, Missouri. Just today, I'm told my little sister's friend metioned hearing the sounds from Atlanta, Georgia. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Being the nerd I am, I did some Googling, and deduced that something loud enough to carry that far must have been pretty big, and there isnt a whole lot southeast of Charlotte (Just a little sliver of South Carolina). I figured it probably happened out at sea. Well, guess what lies right in the direction from which we all heard these strange noises:

The Goddamn Bermuda Triangle.

Just sayin'.

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